March 2016  

Letter from the President

The recent meeting at CenturyLink was a success in many ways. The quality of the keynote presentation and the panelists were outstanding. The content and discussions shed light on how far DCIM has evolved over the last years, and where it is heading to integrate and expand into a full functional DCSO model. Based on your positive feedback regarding the News Roundup session, we will continue to include it in our next meetings. We will bring you the story behind the story. I also hope you enjoyed the data center tours toward the end of the meeting.

So thank you for joining us yesterday. And, I feel compelled to send out a reminder to not approach participants and simply ask for their business cards. Be respectful and share the value you and your company can offer. It will contribute to create a platform where we all can learn, enjoy ourselves and love to come again.

I am grateful to share a special thank you to our speakers and panelist, our annual sponsors and CenturyLink for hosting our 1st meeting in 2016.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting at ScaleMatrix in San Diego on June 15, 2016. Come again and share the value of our meetings with others.



Carsten Baumann

President AFCOM Southern California


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